What are some things which you can enjoy in London? If you have been thinking bout such ways lately, then let us help you by providing you with a few places that you can visits. It's one of the dimensions to enjoy, but you won't have to invest your time in something as dull as the research.

Liked the idea? So, let's start:

• The Gherkin or 30 St Mary Axe:
Although there are not many skyscrapers in London, The Gherkin (informal name) is one of the leading ones. It is a commercial hub with 591 ft height and 41 floors. It was opened in 2004 and since then has been the place for many commercial offices. You can look at it from a distance or maybe pose in front of it to get the iconic tower in your backdrop, but getting to every floor would not be allowed as not all floors are open to free public access.

But isn't the name of the place too attractive to give it a visit?

• HMS Belfast:
HMS Belfast is a museum, although the name may seem to relate. But it is, however, a museum on the ship. HMS Belfast is a ship from World War 2 and had been part of the British Navy. It has now been open to the public and operates as a museum. It is known as one of the winning ships, so you would like to look at how this ship helped the British Navy at the time of need.

• Somerset House:
Another building that you can see in Central London is Somerset House. The building's original design can be dated back to 1776 and was originally the Duke of Somerset's property, thus named after him.
Now, this building is open to the public and has been utilized for different educational and art ventures. So, you can go and see the interior and praise the design.

These places are included in some of the best places to visit in the city, so don't miss them.

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